Tips for home sellers in Spring 2021

Tips for home sellers in Spring 2021

Spring is traditionally a popular time for selling a home. However, the last year has brought on a whole new set of changes and hurdles due to the pandemic. Last year, many people put off selling or buying a house due to financial insecurities or worries due to job losses and furloughs. This spring is much more promising because of vaccines and hopeful predictions from officials both in health and government. The next few months should be a booming time for the real estate market, and if you’re planning on selling your house, now is the time to get prepped. Here are some tips for home sellers this spring!

Take Care of Improvements

Before you make any big moves on listing your home, take care of any necessary home improvement projects that might cause a failed inspection. Roofing, plumbing, and foundation are three places to start. In addition to the essentials, work on any rooms that are looking a bit drab. A deep clean, fresh paint, and updated flooring can boost the value of your home!

Make a Plan

When you sell your house, are you planning on buying a new one? If so, look into a home affordability calculator to see how much you’ll be able to afford after you sell your home. If you’re selling a property but are already residing in a home, make a plan for how to budget for that. 

Contact a Real Estate Agent or Get Ready for Next Steps

Once your home is good to go and your plan is set, get in touch with a real estate agent in your area. Interview a few choices to find your best match and discuss your plans and goals with them. While real estate agents are likely to sell your house for more money and for less time, they’re not the only option. Online cash buyers and the “For Sale by Owner” way are also options. Make sure to do plenty of research regardless of the path you take. 

Market Your Home

Now that you’re ready to sell, it’s time to market your home. Use a nice camera to take high-resolution photos of your entire home. Once these photos are ready to go, market your house online using the digital platforms available to you. Your Realtor will likely be doing most of this work for you, as they use the MLS to find qualified buyers, but also use whatever tools you have to get your listing out there. Social media is also a great resource!

Set Up Showings

Showings are one of the most important steps to selling your home. The pandemic isn’t over yet, and according to top agent insights, virtual showings are still going to be relevant in the next few months. If you do set up in person showings, don’t be afraid to require participants to distance, wash their hands, and wear masks for the safety of everyone involved. 

Selling your home this spring shouldn’t look too different than previous years! Aside from relying on technology more heavily and social distancing, the process should feel natural. Follow the tips above and spring selling will be a breeze!