Learning to Play an Instrument During Quarantine

As time begins to feel like it’s slowing down, it’s important to comprehend that feeling lost is perfectly acceptable. No one could have predicted the toll that this pandemic would have socially on individuals. Ken Kurson, a musician, believes that learning to play an instrument can be healing in many ways. Music can be an outlet for stress, anxiety, and depression. Being able to change the focus of the mind to something random can help relieve stress. Yes, of course, there are a select few groups who have talent in music beyond compare. Juilliard graduates and famous artists had to start from the very bottom as well. When learning to play an instrument, it’s important to recall that it can be done in the comfort of anyone’s home and it doesn’t matter the level of expertise one possesses. 

Zoom classes and online music teachers are looking for business, now more than ever. Although it might be slightly more difficult to play an instrument that has a mouthpiece with a mask, it’s still possible to learn. Hiring a professor online can be easily done and any age group is welcome to participate. It’s crucial to support small businesses during the pandemic. Taking on a few lessons can help fund programs for future musicians to take advantage of. Some instruments that might be permitted to do in person sessions are those without mouthpieces. That way, the student can wear a mask and remain six feet apart from the instructor. Ken Kurson, who plays guitar, can teach from a safe distance and help instruct.  Other instruments include an electric guitar, drums, cello, violin, viola, and piano. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV, try being more productive. It will enhance the “quartine experience” and might bring family members closer together. There are lots of ways to be active during the pandemic without ever leaving the house.