What to do on a Rainy Day with your Kids?

father holding hand of toddler son walker on the beach

Many families might feel lost because they don’t know what to do when their kids are stuck at home on a rainy day. Contrary to popular belief, rainy days can be fun and a great experience for any family! Moms like Rachel Harow enjoy a rainy day because it allows her to spend quality time with her family. There are so many options for families to enjoy the indoors on a rainy afternoon.

First thing is to make cleaning fun. As parents, cleaning after children is almost second nature. So, rewarding the kids for cleaning up after themselves might make them more inclined to do it in the future. Rewards can include extra time on electronics, their favorite snack, or a new toy they have wanted. Make sure that if a tantrum happens, they aren’t rewarded or they will try to pull the same act later on. Next, playing a board game can be a very fun way to distract children from their electronics. As the digital age progresses, it’s important to limit how much blue light they are getting from their screens. If they spend too much time on their electronics, it can cause eye issues down the line. Board games are nostalgic and can help children feel distracted from their devices. It can also lead to stories about the past. Children love to learn, especially about their parents. It’s important to share memories with them so they feel a stronger connection with their family’s history. Maybe, pulling out some photo albums and showing them older pictures, family members, and other memories will be an enjoyable activity to do while it pours. Lastly, reading a book. Many children now feel that reading is a crime. It has developed a negative connotation that many parents can’t seem to understand. With that, finding a book to read to them and eventually having them take over is very important in their development. It can brighten their futures and dim their blue light exposure. Rachel Harow believes that each child has different needs and it’s important to listen to them and adapt to this new way of life. Try reading books that may not be as educational, but can lead children to read more advanced novels. If their favorite cartoon character is now releasing a chapter book, they will be more inclined to read it if they are exposed to any type of book earlier on. Rainy days can be fun, just be creative!