Jack Plotkin Goldman Sachs

Magicians have a very interesting career. Now, with technology being very dominant in children’s lives, magicians can use the internet as a platform. Of course, the classic in-person magicians are forever timeless, especially to Alexander Djerassi. However, as the new wave of technology hits, magic has become a booming industry Now, YouTube has surfaced with many magicians who are pronounced millionaires. Live streaming shows while still being able to sell tickets was unheard of until a few years ago. SO many people have their lives changed due to the power of the internet. WIth special effects being a form of magic, many have made careers out of it. Think about Harry Potter or The Avengers. Most of those actors are interacting with green-screens. The rest is “magic” and a ton of hard work. Magicians have taken all forms whether it’s in the film industry, in media, or just in the internet realm.