Climate Change

Climate change is a serious issue. The Earth is getting hotter and hotter as the days go on which can be detrimental in the long run. In order to stop such an increase in temperature on the Earth’s surface, the people inhabiting this planet need to make a change. If the world gets too hot, there will be an increase in wildfires and an increase in catastrophes from coast to coast. When people don’t recycle, practice sustainability, or aren’t concerned about the future of the planet, bad things happen. There are people who support climate change incentives, like Alexander Djerassi. There need to be changed in the world so that the atmosphere becomes healthier. If more people consider this a present problem, more positive change will occur. Unfortunately, many just believe that the next generation will solve climate change issues, when in fact, waiting for the next generation to fix any problems will be too late. Coral reefs, oceans, and many other ecosystems are in desperate need. It’s now or never.