Managing a Global Team

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Managing a Global Team

The development of technology has been instrumental in advancing communication channels globally. Many companies have invested in improved communication channels to enable them to reach out to clients easily. With this, multinational companies have expanded operations to foreign countries to scale and open up virgin markets with untapped potential. They are establishing a global team for proper management and running of a global business entity requires keen and proper planning. This is because establishing a global team means bringing together people of diverse cultures and geographical differences to work together. Here are a few tips that are effective for managing global teams.

Increase frequent communication

Jonathan Osler believes that a key strategy for remaining in touch with your global team is having frequent meetings. Many online platforms offer virtual meetings for organizations and companies. For instance, scheduling frequent meetings using zoom cloud platforms is essential, especially considering there are free packages where the organization can meet without inquiring charges. Ensure you schedule frequent meetings with your global team to assess your organisation’s progress. Such meetings allow you to learn about the successes and shortcomings of your team regarding running the companies in their respective countries.

Make use of available communication platforms

There are common platforms that increase the ease of sharing information. For instance, we have platforms like Google Docs that enable you to share files with team members remotely, and the files can be edited in real-time. There are cloud platforms like Microsoft Cloud storage facilities that enable team members to store company data remotely that can be accessed by company members from any part of the globe. With such platforms, communication is made easy and real-time, which increases the functionality of a global team.

Ensure resources relating to your organization is available to team members

Running a global team is not easy because of the kind of people involved from different parts. The team should buy into the company vision and mission to facilitate company growth. This can only succeed if the team is thoroughly trained and facilitated by information. The information and resources about the organization need to be made available for team members to access. This can be done by posting it on the company website, or cloud-based services for easy access. With such resources, the global team members will share relevant information with clients and stakeholders, delivering on its mandate.

Use common language understood by the whole team

Communication is one single barrier that can lead your global team to underperform. Ensure that all team members can understand the information being conveyed during communication. Jonathan Osler is an accomplished educational expert who has worked with local and international organizations. He specializes in educational training, fundraising, curriculum development and communications strategy. On helping international teams meet their obligations in fundraising, Osler explains the importance of organizations learning different cultural diversities to understand the problems affecting the communities and how the funding will help them. Understanding and removing the language barrier hurdle is the sure way of impacting the international communities.