Mental Health and Work

Creating A Productive At-Home Workspace

Mental health and work

Alexander Djerassi is a renowned manager with expertise experience in different fields like entrepreneurship, bureaucrat, political campaigner that has given him an understanding between work and mental health. According to him, critical issues need to be addressed to enhance more productivity in an organization. Therefore, he emphasizes creating an enabling environment for successful work delivery. The following are some key reasons he speaks about;

Improving on management-employee

Management plays a tremendous and vital role in enhancing workers productivity. This is through the ways they handle and treat their employees. Furthermore, how management responds to the employee’s needs and cares motivates the employees to be more productive. Therefore, having a good working plan between the administration and the employees encourages the employees to be more effective than when management is reluctant.

Employee motivation

Every employee needs to be motivated to be proactive in doing their work. Having breaks, recognizing, and creating a good working environment makes a good platform for employee motivation. This is done to ensure employees do not feel like they are doing much for the company without appreciation. In turn, it helps the employees increase their productivity without much struggle.

Discouraging laziness and absenteeism

One of the significant causes of unproductivity is laziness. Therefore, every management should ensure that they discourage it at all costs. It is achieved by setting personal targets that an employee must meet within a specified period. In their efforts to achieve the target, the employees become productive to the best of their prey. However, every worker should be at work without fail apart from the ones allowed by the authority.

Investing in employee welfare

It is motivating and empowering when an organization is working to improve employees’ welfare. This makes the employees work hard not to fail the management in a way that brings more yields to the company. Furthermore, the employees are assured of their well-being while working, thus giving themselves entirely to its service.

A call for accountability

The management’s role is to call their employees into the accountability of everything they are doing. This will make the employees work hard because they know they will be accountable for anything wrong in their work area. This will help keep the company running well with very minimal supervision. In return, it will enhance productivity. Bearing in mind that they are accountable makes them effective in their work.

According to Alexander Djerassi, a manager is supposed to be in their office doing what is expected of them, overseeing the business operations. Their presence will trigger employee motivation and keep them on course, thus improving their productivity. Though they may not cause a commotion or ask anything, their company psychologically keeps them working.

Offering guidance and counselling to employees also makes them feel relieved and appreciated. Their psychological well-being gives them the morale to work. This, in return, ensures high productivity within the organization. All these are the views that Alexander finds fit for every management to look into for a successful workflow in their companies.