New Smartwatch Debut in India

The subcontinent of India was set agog this past week by the debut of the HW25P lenovo Carme smart watch. Persistent rumors in the world of tech had hinted that the debut would be delayed by as much as two months due to some marketing and distribution difficulties consequent of the ongoing Kashmiri crisis, but at the last moment the company was able to pull of its biggest marketing and technology coup in the past five years. The smart watch comes in under 3500 rupees (Indian). Among its many astounding new features is a color IPS display with full touch support and a surface design that curves more than 2.4 D. And for the health conscious crowd, who want to monitor their health and wellbeing while on the go, the company has built a full-time, real-time heart rate monitor into the mechanism that defaults to an emergency battery so it will never go offline during a crucial workout or sports event. It also features several sleep apnea indicators to help those struggling with their patterns of rest. It is rated IP68 rate that insures dust and moisture will not gain easy access to the watch’s interior, for a long lasting and extremely useful mobile device.