Reasons to Become Environmentally Friendly

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Why choose the environmentally friendly way

Humans were not only instructed by God to “go forth and multiply”, but they were also tasked with taking care of the space they occupy. One of the most popular Bible stories is that of creation. This story can be found in Genesis 1 and begins with the creation of light and ends with animals and finally humans.

It emphasizes the fact that humans have an innate responsibility to protect their environment and ensure its sustainability. The environment is best described as the natural world which homes countless organisms, both living and nonliving.

The protection of this space which is occupied by humans is of paramount importance, not only due to the fact that it facilitates life on planet Earth, but also because of our role as stewards.

The theory of stewardship is fundamentally a Christian belief and concludes that humans have a religious obligation to care for and protect the environment. This idea of stewardship is heavily perpetuated through the church and is often explored by renowned religious figures such as Father George Rutler.

The truth is, phenomena such as global warming, destruction of the ozone layer and even deforestation, can be observed in the world today. These issues have become more noticeable due to the failure of society to protect the natural environment.

But how can the issues be mitigated? What are some of the reasons to become environmentally friendly?

Why be environmentally friendly?

The environment continues to be plagued by the presence of numerous life-threatening issues. As such, new principles have to be adopted in order to prolong life on Earth. In order to limit the destruction of the natural environment and wildlife, healthier lifestyles have to be maintained for the benefit of the Earth and its occupants.

Here’s why it is advantageous to protect the environment:

1. Sustainable development

This speaks to the concept of living a fulfilling life today, without compromising that of future generations. Protecting the environment by properly utilizing the sun, limiting the use of toxic materials and effectively using the resources within the environment, are all methods that can be employed to ensure the stability of future generations.

It is important to recognize that the way in which each person lives today will ultimately impact the lives of future generations. Father George Rutler briefly reiterates this by sharing that in order for Catholicism, and religion in general, to remain relevant, it has to be able to speak to the younger generation.

What better way to accomplish this, than through the sustainable preservation of the environment for said generation?

2. Cost efficient

Everybody loves an opportunity to save, and one of the best ways of cutting back unnecessary living costs is through sustainable living. This is because being environmentally friendly results in a reduction in the consumption of the earth’s natural resources.

3. Healthy way

By being environmentally friendly, and ultimately fulfilling the role as steward, people will be able to become better versions of themself by improving their health. Eating organically is a great way to create a healthy diet and achieve a stronger, more energized lifestyle.

This benefit not only shows appreciation for the environment and promotes sustainable living, but it also improves the quality of life.

As was aforementioned, stewardship constitutes one of the major teachings in the Church and they have acknowledged that the world is in fact facing numerous crises. However, these can be mitigated if each person remains cognizant of their choices and makes an intentional effort to protect the environment.