Sharing Faith with Future Generations

This world is a wonderful, fascinating, often terrifying, and incredible place.Parents of babies and small children often find themselves wondering if they are up to the task of guiding, protecting, and raising their young charges in the fear and admonition of the Lord. It is a daunting task.

To be clear, having children and rearing them to be great human beings is one of the most amazing and fulfilling things one can do in life. It is a blessed privilege to be called of God to bring children into this life and raise them according to His laws and statutes.

How does a parent know if they are up to the task? How can they be sure if they are doing it properly? We should think carefully about our own values and where they line up with God. Within this context, we must teach our kids the godly tenets that will forever shape their lives and the lives of their progeny. Here are some guidelines that George Rutler, respected father of the Christian faith, would recommend:

1. Teach Your Kids to Love God

Rutler believes that all parents are equipped by God to do his most important work in raising kids who love Him. The Bible tells us to love the Lord God with every part of our being. It is important to teach kids to develop a love for God–His ways, His attributes, and His word, early in life. Teaching kids to love God is impossible, however, unless they have a guideline. We should strive to speak the love of God in our everyday lives. When we compliment others, when we forgive those who have wronged us, and when we lovingly care for those who are less fortunate we are teaching the love of God to our kids. When we do this we help to make this world a much better place than it was before we came.

2. Teach Your Kids to Respect Their World’s Resources/Possessions

The Bible actually talks more about possessions like money and other items of value, than any other thing besides love. When God created people, He gave them dominion over the entire earth. They became the effective stewards of the planet. Teaching about climate change, pollution, or other hot button topics is not political, but spiritual. We fulfill God’s will when we take care of the world that He put within our care. We should teach our children to clean up after themselves, to groom and cleanse their bodies, and to take special care to make our planet as pollution-free as we can. Also, we should save our money and give some to God’s work. This is how we show that we appreciate the blessings of God and become leaders in saving our world.

3. Teach Your Kids That God’s Word is Supreme

Father Rutler knows we live In a world where religion has increasingly come under attack and Christian values are viewed with ambivalence at best, it is crucial that children be shown the superiority of God’s word above politics, wealth, power and notoriety. God showed us in His word that heaven and earth would perish, but his word would endure. Our children, in order to have a sustainable future, must believe in the timeless principles of God’s word, which have the power to buffer and protect them through all of the inevitable hardships that they will eventually face in life.

This world is in turmoil and looks to people of faith more than ever before, for peace, guidance, and understanding at a time when very little makes sense. Parents that have taught their children to love God, to respect the resources He has tasked them with managing, and to place a premium on His word alone, will be sure to live unparalleled lives of prosperity and destiny, and will doubtless pass these truths to future generations.