Short-Video Platform Zynn Walk-Through

Short-Video Platform Zynn Walk-Through

Released merely months ago, short-video platform Zynn quickly swept the coveted top spot on Apple’s App Store charts, and dominated Google’s Play Store charts. Seemingly overnight, the app became a fan favorite for savvy individuals looking for an innovative, inclusive, and authentic social media experience. Armed with video editing tools, magic effects, and even an audio soundtrack generator, Zynn’s features drew in countless creative users. However, what really set Zynn apart from competition was the app’s bespoke video recommendation algorithm. Through intuitive machine learning, the algorithm promised to provide a greater diversity of content for viewers, and a greater opportunity for creators to be seen by larger audiences, regardless of follower count, profile content, or other traditional markers. If Zynn has piqued your interest, read on for initial impressions, set up, and a complete walk-through of getting yourself familiarized with the breakthrough app.

Branding and Marketing

At first glance, Zynn’s logo appears bright, crisp, and full of movement. Throughout Zynn’s branded pages, and app marketing, the color scheme is composed of black, white accents, and a punchy yellow. This color palette evokes a youthful, active, on-the-go mentality, perfectly aligned with Zynn’s mission to showcase the talents, adventures, and lives of users. The logo itself is composed of various lines that make up the titular “Z”, with lines placed in diagonal motion, suggesting movement, perhaps in a very vague homage to frequency waves. 

On the app’s App Store listing, a dynamic carousel of punchy photos outlines the basic functionalities of the app, showcasing various screens that visually explain capabilities for capturing video, editing, connecting with others, and sharing content. This carousel is filled with the same dynamic color scheme that appears cohesively across Zynn’s marketing, and features people in motion, engaging in various lively activities. Following the visual presentation, the description of the app describes what can be expected, various features, and highlights. Below, consistently strong star ratings and reviews confirm Zynn’s status as a top performing app. With a swiftly growing fan base, the app’s strong user feedback is indicative of a successful rollout, and positive response from users.

Zynn utilizes a wide array of other social media platforms for marketing and branding, promoting ways to cross-utilize Zynn with other platforms. This is a fantastic way to integrate Zynn into the daily social media activities of users. On Zynn’s various social media platforms, the app promotes a wide diversity of users. Showcasing the talents and antics of all types of individuals, the app reiterates their commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and authenticity by actively championing unique content, and highlighting diverse creators. 

To draw interaction and participation, Zynn’s branding also utilizes designated hashtags to create viral moments, challenges, and interactive adventures. Using #zynntalents and #zynnchallenge to spearhead this movement, the app draws upon the spirit of camaraderie to bring people together in a fun, exciting, and innovative way.

Messaging and Mission 

Across Zynn’s marketing and online presence, the app’s tagline remains prevalent. “Be seen, be heard, be you” stands out as Zynn’s call to support authenticity and transparency. This tagline is seamlessly aligned with Zynn’s mission to showcase individuality, and serves as the perfect instruction for users downloading the app for the first time, yearning for expression, or seeking creative content. 

In addition to providing a safe platform for users to express their visions and talents, Zynn has also publicly supported inclusivity, diversity, and support for all individuals. Throughout various online publications, Zynn’s parent company, Kuaishou Technology, has confirmed the company’s commitment to uplifting users from all walks of life, socioeconomic circumstances, geographical locations, and all other considerations. Valuing all communities equally, Zynn’s dedication to showcasing each user’s unique experiences, rather than giving preference only to Influencers, is a testament to the company’s strong mission statement.

Downloading Zynn

Upon downloading and launching Zynn for the first time, iPhone users are prompted to allow notifications via alerts, sounds, and icon badges. Much like the case with other apps, this inaugural pop up sets up the level of interactivity that the app will have in the future. For users who want to be kept in the loop regarding ongoing activity on their videos and interactions, allowing push notifications is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Immediately upon completing the notifications prompt, an initial video snippet begins to play. This is an excellent way to jump right in, and successfully avoids the dreaded initial setup that plagues many apps for the first few minutes. Instead, Zynn jumps right in, showcasing a fun video to capture the attention of new users.

First Impressions and Layout

Upon first glance, Zynn’s layout appears crisp, clean, and unencumbered by excessive options. As the initial video plays, new users discover the creator’s handle on the bottom left corner, accompanied by a short title/description of the video being streamed. To the right, neatly organized in a vertical fashion, small icons provide all of the needed links to interact with the creator, video, and community. 

On top, the creator’s profile icon is shown, with the ability to “follow” the user with a singular swipe. Below, a familiar heart icon allows users to swiftly “like” the streaming video without opening any new tabs, and showcases the “like” count for each video. Next, a speech icon with an internal ellipses invites users to comment on the video, with a comment counter below the image. Upon clicking this icon, a crisp black comments screen pops up about two thirds of the way up the screen, leaving a portion of the video still playing in the background. This method is a creative way for users to remain confident that they haven’t lost the streaming video, while allowing them to read comments, and add comments of their own. Organized in threads based on time of comment, the comments section reads in a similar fashion to most other social media apps. Users can also quickly “like” comments in this section by tapping on hearts to the right of each comment. Finally, there is an arrow icon with a count, allowing users to share and interact with the video. Users can easily share the video via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. They can also download the video, copy the link, report, or dislike the video in this section.

In order to switch videos, users simply swipe up, and a new suggested video appears. This section, where users initially end up, is the “For You” section. As users interact with more videos, follow content creators, and use the app, Zynn’s innovative algorithm will suggest personalized content. On top of the app, there is a crisp and clean bar that allows users to toggle between the default “For You” screen, and the “Following” screen, which showcases videos from creators that users are actively following.

Usability and Personalization

On the bottom of the crisp and streamlined screen, Zynn features a “Home” button that allows users to return to the default screen, and a “Me” button on the right side. This brings up the user dashboard, which allows users to swiftly edit their profile, adjust settings, and access information regarding troubleshooting, community guidelines, and the app’s privacy policy. This easy to use section contains valuable information for new users, or users who have any further questions at any time while using Zynn. 

For users looking to create videos, there is a beaming yellow record button in the middle of the bottom menu. This button is reminiscent of every smartphone camera’s record/capture button, and cannot be missed. After enabling camera and microphone access, the camera image magically appears in default selfie mode. Once again, creators are welcomed with a sleek, easy to use screen that focuses on the imagery on the camera, unobstructed by a plethora of buttons.

Creators see a vertical menu of small icons on the right side of the screen, indicating various personalization options. First, the musical note launched Zynn’s vast music options. From a preloaded library of popular tracks, to imported audio files from users’ phones, this section allows users to seamlessly add audio to their videos. Below the music functions, an icon of a small camera with internal circular motion signifies the ability to turn the camera around, a universally known feat for all smartphone users. Below this option, a flash icon intuitively senses the potential need to employ flash technology to maximize aesthetic success.

Next up, the app features a quick “Beauty Filter”, employed by tapping on the shining smiley face icon. This feature swiftly blurs out facial imperfections, smooths out wrinkles, and generally softens appearance. Without having to toggle various settings, users can confidently employ this setting for a smooth appearance. Finally, on the bottom of this vertical menu, the “Filters” option brings up a small pop-up on the bottom of the screen with various filters that artistically alter the appearance of on-screen content. From changing the saturation and vibrance, to eliminating color altogether, these filters can subtly set the intended mood for various videos. Without need for changing anything else, these filters provide the perfect aesthetic backdrop for various types of videos.

Finally, on the bottom left side of the screen, the “Magic Effects” button launches an entire library of fun, interactive, and silly additions to dress up all individuals in the video. The screen launches a menu of various magic effects, which recognize facial features on screen, and impart various characteristics onto the screen. From puppy dog ears to spider makeup, Magic Effects has the power to add fun personalization effects that make any video more entertaining. In addition, some effects are interactive, creating special effects when creators blink, open their mouths, or make hand gestures. This newest addition to the personalization features offered by Zynn is highly entertaining, and adds character to all videos.

Final Thoughts

For social media mavens and total newbies alike, Zynn’s streamlined and concise interface renders it a complete breeze to download, set up, and start Zynning. The layout is crisp and clean, which imparts primary focus on the videos at hand, rather than a cluster of icons and settings. With easy to understand icons that swiftly bring up various interaction options, the inherent social nature of the platform is celebrated and championed in an easily navigable manner. For even the most inexperienced user, Zynn is straightforward, and easy to navigate.

With so many helpful options for creating spectacular videos, Zynn’s creative options are perfect for users who want to create authentic videos that showcase their personalities, all with a little bit of help from Zynn’s personalization options. These options are quite extensive, and lend a helping hand to any creative need, season, topic, and video idea.

Zynn’s initial successes have proven the app to be a leader in the realm of short-video sharing platforms. From first glance, the app’s delivery, messaging, and focus on the user experience have drawn in countless individuals looking for an innovative experience dedicated to self-expression. With such a positive experience navigating the app for the first time, Zynn has become the go-to short-video platform for hundreds of thousands of fans. With a rapidly growing fan base, and a commitment to user satisfaction, Zynn is undoubtedly the future of social media.