Should Kids Learn to Type Before Writing?

Within the education system, there is a lot of controversy about what children should be taught first. As the world progresses into a more digital and online age, certain characteristics might be more useful to the younger generations, such as typing. Journalists, like Ken Kurson, understand the need for a new generation of writers, but are they being taught the most valuable lessons?

Basically, writing is a common, and world-wide used ability. Many of us underestimate how valuable it can be. With the youngest generation doing school online or over Zoom, it can be very controversial to decide if typing skills are more important. Children are going to use their tablets, computers, and desktops so much more as they grow. Tying is a necessary skill and taking notes in notebooks is slowly dying.With so many new applications and programs that allow people to be more organized online, there is no need for planners or notebooks. Unlike digital platforms, those stationery items can’t ping notifications or reminders. They are overall, less productive. Ken Kurson speculates that soon, everything will be digital. There are so many controversies out there and only time will tell.