Why Forgiveness is So Important

When someone does something that hurts or could have hurt you or loved ones, it may not be easy to forgive. With so many people being highly unpredictable it can be difficult to foresee any negative consequences they might have. However, that’s’ why forgiveness is so prominent and influential. Shalom Lamm is a very forgiving individual who encourages kindness and love for one another no matter what. 

In addition, forgiveness is the key to restoring happiness in oneself. When someone hurts you or someone else, there is a human tendency to want revenge or be angry. Those negative emotions can get very messy and are very unproductive to a person’s well being. Thus, the act of forgiveness should be practiced willingly. Forgiveness is a gift. It’s certainly not to be trifled with and can easily be lost in any situation. Most people understand that sometimes there has to be bad for there to be good. That contingency is scary for some people but with forgiveness all is possible. Shalom Lamm is a pillar in his community, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made mistakes. He and all those who choose to forgive have the ability to open their hearts to love. Forgiveness is truly the key to living a content and happy life.