Signs of Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol dependency is a serious problem for a portion of our population. Often, drinking becomes excessive and by the time the situation is recognized, it is too late to stop without assistance. So how do you know whether you have a problem with alcohol? There are some signs of alcohol dependency to be aware of that may help you finally take control of your own life.

Unhealthy alcohol use can range from mild to disabling. Most of the time, if you think your relationship with alcohol is unhealthy, it probably is. Do you drink every day? Do you have to drink more to reach that same pleasant feeling from alcohol? Are you drinking more frequently and in larger amounts than you intended to? Other signs of alcohol dependency include cutting oneself off from social activities, family functions, and missing work due to the effects of drinking too much. If you experience discomfort when you try to stop drinking, that is a symptom of dependency referred to as withdrawal, the body’s reaction to being denied a substance it has grown used to. Many times, it ends up being necessary to seek out professional services in order to successfully navigate the turmoil that often occurs when someone decides to get control over their alcohol use. You can find More here to assist you finding resources to help.

Serenity offers help and hope if you are in need of assistance. Your health and well-being is our top priority and the goal in all that we do. Left untreated, alcohol dependency can be a fatal condition due to the known health risks of too much drinking. But you don’t have to fight this alone. Alcohol Dependence Syndrome is a very real condition that can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for an individual to gain control over without professional intervention. Our entire purpose here is to stand with you throughout your fight to retake control of your life and your future, free from alcohol dependency.

Misuse and abuse of substances does not instantly result in dependence. Yet, when any substance becomes a crutch, particularly during times of stress or conflict, that substance begins to take the place of personal and human interaction. When you look to alcohol to provide support or a sense of comfort, your thinking and actions stop making sense to those around you. People drift away, you may lose your job and your ability to maintain a stable life. Some people will find that they are so dependent on alcohol, it ends up taking several attempts before they successfully gain control over their drinking. What control means for most people is abstinence from using alcohol. It is recognized that they cannot socially or casually drink like most other people without dependency.

When you recognize the signs of alcohol dependency in your own life, it is important to act quickly to regain control. There is no easy way to bypass this issue, and you will have to pass through it to succeed. But we can help you. Reach out and take the first step towards reclaiming your happiness.