Steps You Should Take After Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

People are arrested daily for domestic violence with some having committed violence while others are falsely accused. Regardless of the situation, it is important to take the proper steps after this has happened. Finding the right domestic violence lawyer is going to be one of the first steps. The last thing that you want is this charge to follow you around for years. Being accused is bad enough but being convicted for domestic violence comes with a stigma for many males and females. The following are things you should know and the steps you should take after being arrested for domestic violence.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

Speaking with a legal professional is the first step in clearing your name and fighting a domestic violence charge. The lawyer will be able to let you know what the next steps will be in the process. There is a chance that your partner recanted their statement or was coerced by the police to accuse you. Alcohol is usually involved in many domestic disputes so taking the word of someone that is impaired as a solid testimony is a common detail a lawyer will look at. The experience level in the local area is important. The ability to work with prosecutors could lead to your criminal charge being erased if you complete anger management. Prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys that have worked together for years are willing to make deals so keep this in mind. The last thing you want is to lose your job or spend time in jail so avoid representing yourself like the plague.

Compliance with Terms of Your Release

There are so many people who are arrested again due to not abiding by their terms of release. You might need to stay elsewhere if the judge orders you to. You should not go to the home to pick up your items without police as this will be a breach of terms that have been set. Contact of the victim is going to be prohibited in some cases so do not think about texting or calling the person. The right attorney can also help gather your things as they understand the importance of adhering to these terms. At times a lawyer will schedule a hearing in order to allow the victim to make a statement that will cause the no contact part of your release to be dropped.

Understanding Your Defense Strategies

There is a chance that going to trial or court will be a huge part of this process. Understanding your defense is important and the right legal representative will explain this to you thoroughly. Anger management was mentioned above but if the charge was predominantly caused by alcohol showing that you are taking steps to remedy your substance abuse problem can work wonders. Getting the help that you need shows a step in the right direction which the judge will see as a positive. Sitting around and not getting any form of help could indicate to the judge that you are not taking this seriously. Even if you have done nothing, entering into one of these programs or classes is still important.

Being arrested for domestic violence is serious regardless of the situation as your significant other could have been arrested for the same charges. Take the proper steps to help your situation instead of hinder it.