Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

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Simple Ways to Increase Productivity

There comes a point in the day when a person is going to get tired. They may feel overworked and may not feel like doing anything else. This will decrease productivity. Diego Ruiz Duran knows this all too well. There were times when he felt that he was not being as productive as he should be. There are some simple changes that can be made. According to Duran, these are some ways to increase productivity.

Set a Timer

If a person feels like they are taking too long on a given task or if they are sidetracked they should set a timer. They need to think about how long the task will take to complete and set a timer for this amount of time. This will allow them to focus on the task. When the timer goes off they should take a 5 minute break to refresh and refocus. If a person does not want to carry around a timer many timer apps can be downloaded for a smartphone.

Remove Distractions

There are many districts that are out there and they can be tempting to use. When a person is distracted they will not be productive. If the phone is not being used it should be put away. It is too tempting to reach for the phone and send a text or browse the internet. If a person is answering emails they should close the other browsers they may have opened. If a person looks at what is distracting them and finds a way to reduce distractions they will notice they will become more productive.

Mood Boosting Music

It has been shown that music can make a person more productive. Some music in the background can actually help a person focus. Music is said to be calming. This will allow a person to get things done and they can get some pleasure from doing it.

Find Meaning

If a person is able to find meaning in what they are doing they will be more productive. If they see the value in a task they will want to get things done. There can be value in everything and a person may need to spend a few minutes looking for the purpose of the task.


A person should make a list of what they need to get done in the order of importance. Some tasks must be done right away and others may be able to be completed over a couple of days. Once a person has finished a task they should cross it off so they can get a feeling of accomplishment.

Break Down Tasks

A person should take larger tasks and break them into smaller parts. This way when they get something done they can celebrate a small victory. These are some things that Diego Ruiz Duran believes can help a person become more productive. These tips can be used to help a person get more done at work and they can also be used to help them become more productive at home.