Standing Desks Are the Best New Product for Journalism

When journalists are hard at work they are usually sitting at their desks. Writing stories and articles is a very tough job and takes lots of concentration. Ken Kurson, a well-known journalist, advises journalists to invest in a standing desk. The reason for this is to eliminate possible back strain and also help keep the journalist healthy.

Many journalists are now staying at home. With this, a lot are writing in very unconventional places which isn’t good for posture. With these desks, workers can still take calls, host meetings, and write just from a standing position. It seems that improvements can be made, health-wise, if journalists use these desks. Shoulder pain and spinal injuries can be avoided.Lastly, these desks are best for those who tend to get distracted easily. When a person is standing, it’s harder to deficit attention elsewhere. Thus, it can be very beneficial for productivity. Ken Kurson uses these desks because he enjoys writing in all different ways. If you are interested in trying one, they can be found on Amazon or Staples websites.