The Benefits of bringing Pets and Children Together

It is a very rare case when a child does not want to have a pet. As a parent, you become quite used to their requests to have, whatever animal they just thought of, or saw at their friend’s house. You might be inclined to say no; after all, pets are messy, and they require a certain amount of attention. They can also tie you down to your home because the darn things need to eat and poop all the time. But there are a lot of benefits that pets can bring to the life of a child. It can be an essential tool to teach about some of the more abstract issues in life, as well as training in being responsible. Here are some of the ways a pet can be an edifying addition to childhood.

First, make sure you can bring a pet to your home before getting their hopes up. It might be a good idea to play with animals in other homes and make sure there are any problems like allergies. If you are uncertain about possible reactions, you can visit and they can give you an expert opinion.

  • Love: Many of the benefits of having a pet are relational. Having a pet creates an excellent opportunity to learn about love and bonding. Pets give you unconditional love, they aren’t judgemental or fickle in their moods. They accept you as you are, and for a kid this can be foundational as well as instructive about healthy relationships. It is also very good for their self-confidence.
  • Empathy: These days our kids are spending their days looking at screens and being exposed to a lot of confusing and sometimes violent imagery, it is good to bring something to their lives that has a mind and a heartbeat. A real creature that has needs and responds to love and good care. Quite often a pet can be the first real instruction about how we should treat other living things, and a good relationship with a pet is a good indication of emotional well-being.
  • Responsibility: One of the most important things children can learn from having a pet is responsibility. Unless you are the kind of parent that ends up doing everything for them, your child will gain valuable experience in caring for a living being. Pets all have needs, and their ecosystem, whatever that is, will need to be cleaned, and they will need to be fed regularly and socialised with. All these things are patterns for adult behaviour later in life, and the sooner your child learns that this is normal the better off they will be in the real world

Humans have been interacting with animals for thousands of years, and much of it is a testament to the best elements of humanity. We have been able to develop bonds with so many different species. They say you can judge someone by the way they treat animals. The sooner your child is introduced to living creatures with real needs and love to give, the sooner they will be on their path to being a constructive part of society.