How the Internet of Things Will Transform your Home

We all have a couple of tech gadgets at home; a robot vacuum and Alexa to tell you about the morning traffic, yet the future holds the potential to revolutionise domestic living. Enter the Internet of Things (IoT), a grid for every single digital device on the planet to use, and with 10x data transfer speeds, your smart home is always online.

Domestic Appliances

Here are just a few of the appliances we use in our homes:

  • Climate control
  • Oven
  • Washing machine
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Security

The smart-home system will manage every aspect of home management, monitoring the solar power system, maintaining the desired temperature according to your schedule and keeping an eye on the dinner in the oven.

Automatic Security Gating

As your vehicle is tracked by GPS, the gates open as you near the entrance, closing behind you, while the garage door open and the light comes on. You could receive a notification when a visitor arrives at your home and can view the CCTV cameras and even converse with the person if you wish. Security in general would be managed by the smart-home system and as a person neared the property, the exterior lights would come on, triggered by motion sensors, which would also train the CCTV cameras onto the person.

The Bathroom

Check out the futuristic bathroom appliances at Arova bathroom supplies, a leading Australian provider of top-quality home appliances and fittings. The water temperature would be monitored, making sure you get a comfortable shower

Home Help

Simply load up the oven in the morning and your evening meal will start cooking at the right time to be ready when you arrive, and it won’t be long before we all have home robots that look like humans and actually get to know your personality. If you think that’s a bit far-fetched, it was only 70 years ago that we used telegrams to communicate. Robotics and AI go together very well; there are automated coffee shops in California and you can expect to see more automation when out and about. There will be a need for specialist hi-tech logistics to install smart systems, which is already a booming sector.

Clean & Renewable Energy

It won’t be long before every home is powered by solar energy, while Elon Musk has developed a roof tile that is also a solar panel and they are not expensive. Your smart-home manager would be controlling your power usage and making sure there’s always enough power after the sun goes down and any surplus energy can be sold to the national grid. This will literally eliminate millions of tonnes of carbon that we used to send into the atmosphere when using fossil fuel power stations, making our planet a better place to live. The Australian government offers renewable energy incentives, which are worth considering.

The 5G Rollout

This is the platform for the IoT and speeds are ten times regular broadband and the platform will be dedicated to all digital devices, with driverless cars that are controlled by AI, which in theory will mean no accidents, although this remains to be seen.

Thousands of low-orbit 5G satellites are being deployed to cover the entire planet with a 5G grid that will empower the IoT, and in just 25 years, domestic life will be so easy.