The Importance of Gratitude

There are many people who deserve gratitude for the humble work they do. Many humanitarians do non-profit work or volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts. One of those individuals in Shalom Lamm. Those who give and devote so much time to bettering communities need to be thanked. Our society has simply forgotten the importance of gratitude, especially in 2020. 

When volunteering, there is a physical and mental aspect that goes into it. FOr months individuals dedicate themselves to helping others. Some services in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, women’s clinics, and even hospitals. Being able to rely on these individuals is what keeps these organizations running and prosperous. Thanking the volunteers that support these organizations is very simple. BY hosting a lunch, dinner, or event that celebrates the work they’ve done, they will be much more willing to return. Many students volunteer as a way to get community service hours and grow their communities. Offering local scholarships that support their education is a wonderful way of gratitude. Shalom Lamm knows how important it is to be thankful to the volunteers he works with because he knows that without them, his non-profit wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.