How to Set Your Children Up For Success When Learning Online

The era of online learning is upon us with a number of parents opting for online learning rather than physically going to school. Online learning can allow your children to get ahead on their schoolwork. The ability to truly get ahead during this time on assessments can do a variety of things. The ability to focus on other classes that might be more difficult is easier when learning online. The number of distractions in the home can be tough to deal with even as an adult working remotely. Setting your children up for success will take a proactive approach as you do not want to wait until you are notified by the school that your child is falling behind. The following are tips to help set your children up for success when learning online.

No Smartphones During School Hours

Smartphones can be used as an information source but can also act as the ultimate distraction. If your child or teen is thriving in school, their phone is likely not distracting them. Struggling students need to have phone usage monitored as this could be a main reason they are doing poorly. There are apps that can block social media or other distracting sites for a certain number of hours. Look into these apps as they can improve your child’s productivity and can even help with your productivity.

Dedicate a Part of the Home for Schoolwork

Your child is going to need to concentrate at a higher level than ever before when learning online. There is not going to be a teacher standing over them making sure they are working hard. Dedicating a part of the home whether it is a room or area that is quiet for schoolwork is essential. You do not want your child to fall behind due to distractions in the home that can easily be managed. Taking breaks over the course of the day is important as small breaks are shown to improve overall productivity.

The area that is dedicated to your children for schoolwork should have comfortable seating. A desk to organize school materials is also important. You can even allow your child to write down questions on certain lessons that you can expand on later.

Be Patient With Teachers

The last thing that you want to do is to become impatient with a teacher that has never taught an online class before. This is a new experience for a number of teachers so there is going to be a learning curve. Reprimanding a teacher is not going to do anything besides potentially singling your child out in the future. Most teachers would rather have children in their classrooms but are willing to accommodate the children. Teaching online has its challenges so being understanding can work wonders. Whether a teacher has a preschool or high school class, there is going to be an adjustment period both in-class and online.

Use the tips above to allow your children to thrive while learning online. Online learning is likely to expand in the future so adjusting now is imperative!