The Real Estate Industry is Fragmented

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For Shalom Lamm and other leaders in the real estate industry, the changes that the industry has gone through over the course of the last quarter century have been remarkable to both experience and witness. Some of this has been based on changes that technology has brought; but others have been a function of the evolution of our culture and society writ large.

Indeed it is the case that the real estate industry has certainly not been immune from the reformation that the technology industry has spurred. There have been so many industries that have been affected by these changes, and property values have certainly been affected as well.

According to this real estate lawyer, one of the interesting parts about the real estate industry that doesn’t get adequate attention, is the ways in which the industry has remained a strong investment even through all these changes. You often hear analysts point to the real estate industry as the safest investment there is – especially compared to putting money to work in the stock market. Shalom Lamm and others couldn’t possibly agree more.