Why It’s Important to Support Nonprofits During the Pandemic: With Shalom Lamm

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As the pandemic still circulates in the country, and even worldwide, we must remain positive. It seems that there is a constant change occurring and businesses are suffering at large. However, above all, our united support should be going to non-profits, especially smaller-scale organizations in our own communities. With the support of locals, non-profits will still be able to flourish and grow. As the economy starts to rebuild, it’s critical to donate to nonprofits as they need our help most. Shalom Lamm, CEO of Operation Benjamin, expresses the importance of donating during this economic crisis.

Although it may seem the economy will go back to where it was pre-pandemic, that is not for certain. Lamm, as published on Thrive Global, describes how organizations need our undivided support. Most non-profits run on the assistance of volunteers. In many hospitals, volunteers were permitted to help with in-patient food delivery, cleaning, vascular care, and many other types of work. Due to COVID, all that help diminished because of the fear of exposure. A lot of nonprofits, such as animal shelters, homeless shelters, and community outreach centers all relied heavily on volunteer hours. 

Shalom understands that the subtraction of volunteers may have been detrimental to some organizations, but he continues his argument by saying many lost their jobs as well. Executive-level positions, in any non-profit, are usually compensated or salary based. With the economic crash, many of those critical workers had to be let go. Yet, another reason why donations are so heavily appreciated at any non-profit. 

If you and your loved ones cannot afford to donate funds to local nonprofits, there is still so much to be done. Many homeless shelters would even prefer items over money. In other words, unopened soaps, shampoos, school supplies, water bottles, canned food, and other non-perishables. Animal shelters are always looking for dry doos, wet food, leashes, dog washes, beds, and blankets for dogs or cats. There is so much that can be offered to shelters that might just be collecting dust in our homes. 

Lamm expresses on Thrive that one of the easiest ways to spread a non-profits message and need for donations is through social media. Posting on Facebook is free and adversities the need for certain items. Let’s say the local shelter needs backpacks and dress clothes for some of the people looking for jobs. By creating a quick post and getting an audience to share the information, donations should start piling up in no time. It’s a beautiful world out there, according to Shalom Lamm. People have good intentions no matter how fortunate they are. Giving an opportunity to help locals in a time of adversity and uncertainty can help bind people together. The most important message all non-profits want to spread is; love and community. By grazing these organizations with any help you can offer, they will be eternally grateful. GuideStar has a list of thousands of nonprofits that are currently searching for support. Shalom’s non-profit, Operation Benjamin, is also looking for innovative ways to help Jewish families be reunited with their loved ones. So much good can happen just from looking into a few non-profits that correlate with your beliefs and actions. It takes a strong community to stand up and be the foundation of many of these wonderful organizations. Lamm suggests donating anything possible. Giving to others instead of keeping for yourself is a virtue and should be upheld all over the country. The pandemic is very unpredictable and frightening to many of these organizations. Unlike small businesses, nonprofits don’t pocket the money and use minimal resources to make a maximum difference. Although the world seems to be crashing down around us, Shalom Lamm highly suggests donating what you can during this treacherous time. Remember to share donation pages on Facebook, his website and Instagram, to support your local community.