Top Professional Law Careers

When a student wants to have a successful career they can study the field of law. Lawyers work a lot of hours but they do end up making a lot of money and have a lot of respect for their job. Alexander Djerassi knows that this is a good field to get in. with hard work and determination a person can do very well. Djerassi has some career choices for those that want to study the field of law. These are some top law careers.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

This legal professional will help patent ideas and will help a person get copyrights. They will be able to help people copyright their music, books, and other ideas to make sure they get compensated when they are used. This is a fast-growing field and with the increase in online brands, there may be many positions in the future.

Trademark Paralegal

This person will also work in the trademark industry and they will help clients file the paperwork to register the name of the company and the logos that will relate to the company. They will help the lawyer in filing cases where they feel that the trademark of the client was violated.

Litigation Paralegal

This paralegal will work with a trial attorney and will help them prepare arguments for the courtroom. This can be in criminal cases or other cases as well. They will help write the documents, make sure all paperwork is filed on time, interview witnesses, and research court cases that can be used for the case they are working on.

Associate Attorney

This legal professional will work in an entry level role. They will usually work at a law firm. They will represent the clients and they will help find settlement offers. They can be used in different fields and areas of the law.

Litigation Support Director

This legal professional will need to know about technology and how to use it. They will help support the lawyers and will make sure the firm has everything they need for research and discovery. They will check out the newest technology when it comes to research and e-discovery. They will teach the lawyers how to use these programs and will allow them to have access to additional information. With the increase in technology, this field is expected to grow.

Legal Secretary

This is a highly qualified administrative assistance. They will need to draft communications with clients and with other legal professionals. They will also research as needed. They will make sure the lawyer has everything they need for a case. They are more of an assistant rather than a secretary.

These are some jobs in the legal field that Alexander Djerassi thinks will allow a person to work in law and earn money. They do not have to work as a lawyer to make money. There are so many different things in the legal field that will allow a person to share their love of the law.