First Impressions Matter in Business: How to Manage The Impression Your Business Gives

Business has changed immensely over the course of the years. First impressions have remained important in business whether it is with a business contact or among peers at a convention. Giving off a good first impression can be immensely beneficial personally but the impression a business gives off is more important.

Company Website

The website of some businesses is the first impression that a potential customer will get of the business. Sites that are not optimized for mobile are already at a disadvantage. A consumer might click off of a website that is terrible to navigate on a mobile device. Getting top web designers to help with this is imperative and they also need a background in SEO. SEO is important in digital marketing as it directly impacts search results relevant to the business. 

Offices and Locations

The locations that a business is in will matter when giving a first impression. A person is not going to want to open up a dumpster rental business in a rural area with little to no population. Concrete cleaner can be a great investment if the parking lot of the business can be improved. The office should be presentable no matter what as office cleaning services are reasonably priced. You cannot underestimate the importance of a clean space as some people are quite particular about cleanliness. You might not have a mechanic’s garage completely clean but a dedication to keeping it clean will make a difference. 

Setting Meetings Before Big Industry Events 

Industry events can be a great place to establish a small business in a niche. Setting meetings with attendees before this that you have had previous contact with is important. Meeting the right group of people at an industry event can lead to business relationships that impact the future of your business for years. Gathering business cards is another huge part of networking so write notes on the back of each in regards to the conversation that was had. Mentioning a part of the conversation can allow the business contact to remember you when you follow up. Not all contacts will be good with faces or names but will remember what was discussed. 

Customer-Facing Positions 

Employees that interact directly with customers can be the first impression of a business. These employees need to be friendly and helpful. Patience is a virtue as people can be confused or argumentative over the process to purchase a product or service. People that make friends with employees and become familiar can help bring in the same customers time after time. A couple that believes a bartender takes extra special care of them are more likely to return multiple times. 

The first impression should be the best impression when possible. Not all circumstances allow for the best impression to be given so take care of the areas above. You do not want to lose customers daily due to a poorly designed website or dirty-looking office spaces.