Treating Mental Health as a Fundamental Health Concern

A person’s mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated with as much urgency as any physical ailment. A mental illness is just as devastating as any major physical illness when left untreated. It is for this reason that Diego Ruiz Duran believes that this type of illness should be taken just as seriously as a physical one.

As mentioned above, a mental illness, left untreated, can be devastating to the person whose mind it darkens. Whether it be debilitating anxiety, overwhelming depression, or another sort of diagnosis, it is said that it is very real and legitimate.

There are many around the world that do not treat mental illness with fairness and reverence as it should be. Many believe that it is fake, or otherwise, illegitimate in its proposed severity. To those people, one might answer that it is very real, and extremely legitimate. One might also answer with experiences of the darkness that veils the mind with depression, or of the pounding heart of anxiety, or of the rollercoaster ride of rapid cycling and bipolar disorder.

Those who experience these diseases and others are faced with the impossible: fighting against one’s own mind. Is this not just as seemingly impossible as fighting against one’s own body when riddled with cancer, or cursed with diabetes? A reasonable person would never dare blame these physical diagnoses on the person who has them…and it is utterly ridiculous that someone blames mental diagnoses on the recipient of them.

Diego Ruiz Duran wishes that every person treat mental illness just as we would treat physical, and believes that it is extremely important that every person take care of their mental health.

Stress, also, can affect one’s mental state. Too much of it can cause anxiety and depression, and if people do not take the time for the simplest of care to their minds, even for something as seemingly simple as stress, they will quickly find themselves falling apart at the seams. For their own health and sanity, it is essential that they take care of themselves. To be healthy both physically and mentally is to be completely at peace with oneself.

As an untreated mental illness, as stated above many times, can be utterly devastating to the recipient, it is absolutely essential that every person take important steps to safeguard their mental health. Some of these steps can be as follows:

1. Take time to oneself. Time to just breathe.

2. See a therapist if things are becoming too much to handle, including stress levels.

3. Accept medication if needed.

4. Do not be afraid to accept or seek help at any time.

A healthy mind and body go hand in hand. If the body is unhealthy, so will the mind be. If the mind, so will the body be. Another reason why it is so essential to take care of one’s mental health and take it just as seriously as anything else.