U.S. Money Reserve Teams Up With Naval Aviation Museum Foundation for a Special Veterans Day Presentation

Following the announcement of its
new “Great War Series” set of gold and silver coins, world-renowned
bullion dealer U.S. Money Reserve decided to be a part of the Veterans Day
celebration at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. In
partnership with the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, the company will be
honoring the fallen servicemen of World War I through the presentation of its
“Great War Series” to the museum. The museum itself will be opening a
new exhibit titled “The Great War” in 2021, so this upcoming ceremony
will have significance for both organizations.

The coins in the “Great War Series” include a 1/4 oz. gold proof, a 1 oz. gold proof, a 2 oz. high-relief gold proof, a 1 oz. silver proof, and a 5 oz. antiquated silver proof. Four of the coins mark the end of the war, while one gold coin specifically memorializes the Treaty of Versailles event. Naval Aviation Museum Foundation president Lieutenant General Duane Thiessen was greatly honored by the commitment on the part of U.S. Money Reserve to bring attention to the past sacrifices of U.S. veterans. With the two organizations now partnering with each other, he is pleased that there will be several more events that they will host together to bring to light the events of The Great War.

U.S. Money Reserve has long supported veterans’ organizations and events, and along with its Veterans Day special, you can find many more gold and silver sets in its inventory. Before buying, you may want to know why you should be interested in gold or silver bullion, even if you are not a coin aficionado. Gold and silver can be an important hedge for your wealth against economic impacts that you can not control.

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Reserve tries to keep things stable by raising and lowering interest rates, but
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