Unique Approaches to Connect with Customers

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Unique Approaches to Connect with Customers

Customer service is an integral part of any organization’s success. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, to connect with customers, there are different strategies one can use. Here we will discuss unique approaches to connecting with customers.

1. Make an Emotional Connection

Jordan says that making an emotional connection with customers will help a customer to take the risk of buying. So, first, one must understand the customer’s pain, explore why they want to buy a particular product, and sell it. Customers will not accept the product because it is being sold; they will buy it because of the compelling reason. One has to listen to them carefully, and as a result, one will connect with them.

2. Know Your Customers

Jordan says that knowing one’s customers is an excellent way to connect with them. Knowing the customers by knowing their problems will help the connection. The best way to know customers is by understanding them. One must understand the pain in the customer’s life, whether emotional or physical. If one understands what the customers are going through or will go through, they can help them by purchasing something that will help their problem.

3. Create a Relatable Purpose

According to Jordan a customer must relate to the “why” of the product. So, if customers know the “why,” they can easily use that in their purchase decision, and service providers can use that by simply making customers aware of the “why” behind their products. It will give them a chance to connect with the pain, and at the same time, it can help them learn about its potential solution.

4. Know the Customers

According to Sudberg, one has to understand their audience before capturing their attention. So, to know one’s customers, the company must find out who their customers are and what problems they face. By doing this, a company can build a relationship with its customers. Jordan Sudberg says that customers will continue to buy from a company they like.

5. Be Personal

According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, one must stand out in the crowd. So, to gain the customer’s attention, one must make themselves and their product memorable. One can tell stories, speak, and connect with people personally. Jordan Sudberg says that making one’s customers feel like they are a part of the story is a pivotal way to communicate with customers.

6. Prefer Face-to-Face Interactions

According to Sudberg, face-to-face interactions will help the customer emotionally connect with one. Because customers want to communicate with people, face-to-face interactions help them to do that. Service providers must try to communicate with their customers personally because the brain prefers to remember face-to-face interactions more than anything else.

A company can connect with its customers on an absolute level. Customer connection involves understanding the customer’s pain, knowing why they want to buy and how one can help them overcome that problem. According to Jordan, it is essential that a company understands their customers and connects with them by being personal and by making them feel as if they are a part of the story.