What Areas of the Body Can I Use a Laser Hair Removal

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Human hair has a way of growing all over areas of the body other than our heads. This can lead to some rather unattractive moments when hair sprouts up in places that aren’t covered up by clothing.

Removing hair from the body isn’t as simple has letting a barber plug in a pair of clippers or a salon worker snip with a pair of scissors.

But have no fear, you totally have the option to use at home laser hair removal to clean up hair growth in some of those unflattering locations. But before you purchase your intense pulsed light IPL handset, it is important to first get this question answered, what areas of the body can I use a laser hair removal device?

Body Parts for Hair Removal  

Laser hair removal is a fantastic option to get rid of the fuzz from your legs, arms, feet, knees, back, bikini areas, and any other body parts where unwanted hair grows and is unwanted. It doesn’t make a difference if you have a female body or a male body.

Unless stated otherwise, you can use your IPL handset on your entire body, including your face as long as you don’t get too close to your eyes with it.

But what you need to keep in mind is that IPL isn’t a suitable option for dark skin tones. You also shouldn’t use an IPL handset over very dark moles, dark freckles, or directly on top of tattoos. Although, it is perfectly fine to go around tattoo skin art when removing hair.

Preparing to Remove Hair   

There are a few minor things that you should be aware of before starting your home hair removal process. If you have recently gotten a tan, in let’s say less than two weeks, you should wait to use your IPL handset. In fact, you should also wait a full two days to tan after using your handset.

Also, artificial tans should not be on your skin during your IPL handset hair removal treatments. Consult with your doctor first if you have any issues related to sensitivity to light.

Hair Removal Takes Time

Don’t get discouraged if you find that you have to use your IPL handset for multiple hair removal sessions. Everyone has different types of skin and hair, which play a role in the repetition of the treatments.

But with each hair removal session, the hair will get lighter, leading to the need for shorter and less frequent treatments. Bigger surface areas will take longer to treat than smaller body parts. Certain spots like the upper lip can easily be treated in a matter of minutes. But, removing hair from your back could take much longer.

Effective Option

What makes laser hair removal a safe option for hair removal? This would be because it only targets the roots of your hair. It doesn’t dig deeper than your second layer of skin, known as the dermis. This contributes to why laser hair removal is an effective alternative to waxing, which can lead to pain, considerable costs and ingrown hairs.

It makes sense to purchase IPL handsets that have a sensor and will not pulse and light up unless the entire window is pressed against your skin. This is a great safety method to prevent unwanted accidents from occurring. Remember, you shouldn’t look directly into the light from the IPL device as it flashes.

Finally, the length of time to perform home hair removal and the number of sessions needed will be dictated by the area size and human characteristics that we are all born with such as skin tone, hair color, and hair thickness,

But laser hair removal still remains a reliable and safe option for you to take advantage of.