Can Any LED Be Used As Grow Light?

Grow lights have come a long way, from the traditional to LED and full spectrum LED grow lights. Any LED lights can be used for cultivation, but the simple answer leaves many unanswered parts. Older LED lights aren’t optimized for cultivation, meaning that your plants won’t get sufficient lighting for healthy growth. As you consider the best option for your growing endeavors, your budget, space, and other requirements also play a vital role. The bottom line, nonetheless, is that the best LED grow lights are specially designed with the latest technologies. Here is a quick scan at the regular LED and specially designed full spectrum LED grow lights.

Regular LED lights

The inexpensive option might initially seem like the best option, especially for startup dealing with budget restraints. If used sparingly, regular LED lights don’t consume a lot of energy. They are also long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for small-scale growers on a budget. The significant drawback of turning to the regular LED lights is that they contain narrow spectral wavelengths, a concern that affects plants’ growth. The light intensity means that your plants won’t get as much light as needed for healthy growth, slowing the growth-rate, quantity, and quality of your yields. Another consideration that makes the regular LED lights not an ideal choice is that they release higher heat amounts. The heat emissions are among the significant nightmares growers have to deal with, and the regular LEDs don’t make it any easier.

Specially designed LED grow lights

With the latest technologies inspiring the innovation, the lights, specifically designed for growing, are the best option. The LED lights contain specific light spectrum wavelengths, and with additional features, controlling the intensity and duration is easier. The energy consumption is lower, wattage use that translates to low heat emission. This means that HVAC power consumption won’t cost you an arm and a leg, lowering the production costs.

With the additional features, the lights support plant growth throughout various stages, especially the much-needed photosynthesis, to support healthy growth. Easy set-up, especially with varying sizes, shapes, and designs, makes the option a go-to. With features such as programmable timers, using the lights makes growing a delight, especially noting the workload of turning on and off, dimming, and other measures that can take a toll on your cultivation.

While opting for the specifically designed LED lights offers compelling benefits, there is a catch. The lights are more expensive, meaning that if you are dealing with budget restraints, you might not be able to finance the investment. If you are spending a lot of time in the growing area, such as growing in your living space, the lights are not an ideal choice as that could damage your eyes. Despite the drawbacks, the specially designed LED grow lights are the best option, especially for commercial cultivation.

While shopping for LED grow lights, your space, plants, and budget play a vital role. Regardless of your situation, however, settling for specially designed grow lights goes a long way in enhancing the quality and quantity of your plants’ yield.