Where Can I Buy Rolling Papers?

hands with rolling paper


If you smoke your own hand-rolled cigarettes or use marijuana, you may need rolling papers. Quality rolling papers allow you to roll your own cigarettes and joints while maintaining their overall structural integrity. This is key to smooth tobacco or cannabis smoking.

Where can you buy rolling papers? The following are common options to consider. Be aware, when buying rolling papers, you may also look into purchasing pre-rolled cones. Some find buying these is more convenient than buying papers and rolling them themselves.

Smoke Shops, Head Shops, and Dispensaries

Which of these types of stores you have access to can depend on where you live. If you don’t live in a state where cannabis is legal, you may not be traveling to a dispensary very often.

That said, establishments that cater to marijuana and tobacco users also tend to sell rolling papers. If you live near a smoke shop, head shop, or dispensary, pay it a visit to find out what they have to offer.

Convenience Stores

Some convenience stores sell rolling papers. They will often keep them behind the counter, in the same general area where they display cigarettes and related products.

Convenience stores include gas stations. Both an independent convenience store and a convenience store attached to a gas station may sell rolling papers.


It’s technically possible to buy rolling papers from Amazon and other online retailers. That said, individual sellers on Amazon may be more reliable than others. When buying on Amazon, you need to investigate a seller’s reputation to ensure they’re going to deliver a quality product.

Bulk Rolling Papers Suppliers

Buying from Amazon (or any of the other options listed on here thus far) is only an option for an individual consumer. For example, you may be a marijuana preroll manufacturer or marijuana cultivator. If so, you’ll need to purchase rolling papers in bulk. A dedicated rolling papers supplier may be the ideal option in these circumstances.

Liquor Stores and Beverage Stores

Laws regarding what types of establishments can and can’t sell alcoholic beverages vary from one state to another. These laws can also affect what types of alcoholic beverages individual establishments may sell. For example, stores that can sell beer and similar beverages in New York can’t sell hard liquor.

That said, depending on the laws in your state, stores selling alcoholic beverages may also sell smoking products. As such, they may carry rolling papers as well.

Cannabis Lounges

In states where cannabis is legal, like Colorado, establishments that allow customers to use cannabis in a lounge setting are becoming increasingly common. Essentially, these establishments are like bars where cannabis enthusiasts can use marijuana with others.

These establishments typically can’t sell marijuana themselves. Customers have to bring their own. However, they can sell marijuana paraphernalia, like rolling papers. You may also occasionally find rolling papers at cigar lounges and similar establishments catering to smokers.

The Importance of Quality When Buying Rolling Papers

Wherever you purchase rolling papers from, make sure you’re buying quality products. The right rolling papers are light but reasonably durable, allowing you to roll cigarettes or joints without fear of causing damage.

Of course, you’ll also have to master your rolling technique. That’s a whole other subject!

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