Why Children Should Learn Sustainable Practices in School

If children are taught how to recycle, how to compost, and how to be overall more sustainable human beings, then the world will be a much healthier place. A school is a place for children to develop as people, according to Rachel Harow. It’s important for them to react to climate change as environmental scholars are doing every day.

The impact the children who are aware of the negative side effects carbon emissions will have on the planet is remarkable. Let’s say there are sixty million students in the country. Within that demographic, the knowledge they attain about climate change, renewable energy, and so much more will be beneficial as they grow older. These children can change the world by not allowing major companies to use fossil fuels as their advantage. The next generation isn’t in high school yet and they are already what adults are depending on to save the world. Rachel Harow insists that children are highly educated about climate change so that there are no repercussions to the world in the long run.