How to Make Staying Inside More Fun

In order to enjoy the “stay at home order” there can be many activities to do to keep a family busy. Moms such as Rachel Harow enjoy doing crafts with her children to get their minds off the pandemic. Other activities include watching a movie or home videos.

Reflecting on great family memories by watching home videos or going through old photo albums is a wonderful way to pass the time. Children love seeing themselves on tape from their younger years and parents enjoy it as well. Furthermore, another way to make inside more fun is by creating fun recipes together. Having a recipe that can be customizable is very important. Let’s say chocolate chips cookies are on the menu. By purchasing different colored sprinkles or treats that children can add to the dough, the time spent baking will be more memorable. Rachel Harow and her husband Chanoch Harow love incorporating their children’s personalities into the activities they choose to do.