Why Hotels Have Changed Dramatically

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As COVID spread throughout the nation, travel bans have really taken a toll on hotels and resorts. Hotels like the Four Seasons used to be thriving in conditions like these. However, now that no one can travel Airbnb’s have become much more popular. Experts like Shalom Lamm believe that this trend will continue for many years to come. 

Usually, renting an Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel. That’s why large groups usually rent them out for special events and weddings. However, now when someone has the urge to travel, they will rent an Airbnb. It had one hundred times more space and most houses usually come with multiple bedrooms. It’s a great way to continue social distancing since there is no interaction between guests and workers. By renting an Airbnb, people can support small businesses outside of major cities and also stay indoors if they please.It’s unfortunate that hotels are starting to lose money because of COVID-19. No one could have predicted this. However, it’s also critical the Airbnb’s have a chance to uplift the economy. As long as people are spending money, the markets will be happy. Shalom Lamm enjoys spending time with his family and with Airbnb’s he knows they will be kept safe and out of harm’s way. The world is really changing because no one would have ever thought Airbnb’s would have a higher market value than the luxury hotels and resorts.