Why to Shop Sustainability

By shopping in a sustainable way, so many improvements can be made to the climate. Fast fashions use so many fossil fuels to produce clothes at a low cost and for quick demand. Although it might seem efficient, it’s not ecologically and environmentally friendly in any way. Many sustainable entrepreneurs, like Helen Schifter, use their platform to demote fast fashion and increase sustainable item production.  

There is much more than clothing that can be shopped for sustainably. Instead of paper towels, which kill thousands of trees a day, reusing cloth rags is much more eco friendly. Also, having reusable water bottles, glass Tupperware, and more plants around the house are great ways to support the environment. Reusing or repurposing clothing is also a sustainable way to be fashionable and cute.  When turning to a new sustainable lifestyle there is a lot to adapt. When shipping, most clean ingredient products are more expensive. This is because the harsh, dangerous chemicals are usually easier to produce in large factories. That being said, it’s still worth every penny. Shoppers like Helen Schifter encourage people to invest in sustainable lifestyles before it’s too late.