Why Move to Florida

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Florida is a gorgeous state to live in, especially if you live near a beach. There is so much to do and many ways to enjoy the sunny weather. Florida has no state income tax, a strong job market, and retiring there is no issue. Rachel Harow, a Florida native, enjoys day trips to the beach with her husband Chanoch Harow. It’s a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the one of a kind weather. In addition, if you have children, going to amusement parks is a very big perk of living in the Sunshine State.

Florida is home to Disney World and Universal Studios. Both billion-dollar corporations specialize in building experiences to make families happy. Disney World has lots of fun roller coasters, water rides, and so much more. For many Floridians, getting an annual pass is a must if they are close to Orlando. With Universal’s Harry Potter park being the main attraction, about ten million people visit the park every year. It’s a little more mature than Disney World but can still be just as fun.Although hurricanes are common, the majority of the year is above eighty degrees and luscious. Florida is also home to some extremely unique animals. Finding an alligator in the backyard is more common than a deer. There is also a variety of birds that only live in the wetlands. Some of those include; snail kite, the mangrove cuckoo, burrowing owl, limpkins, and short-tailed hawks. Rachel Harow enjoys teaching her children about the unique things Florida had to offer. It also has a variety of diverse cultures and a great place to visit all year round.