Winter Planting

Few parts of the year are as depressing to a gardener as winter, if you live in a not so warm climate that is. However, the start of winter does not mean that your efforts to irrigate your garden need to cease. Instead, you should simply focus on other ways of handling your plants. This is true if you are focused on aesthetically pleasing plant or if you are looking to grow fruits or vegetables. Here are some ways to plant and garden during the cold months. Shalom Lamm, an entrepreneur, enjoys gardening. 

Indoor House Plant

You can start by keeping an array of plant indoors for your home. The climate of the interior of your home is likely warm or hot, has plenty of humidity (except when your heater is active but this can be solved by a small tray of water by the house plant or an humidifier), and is easily controlled with plant lights or by placing the plant in a window with southern exposure. These conditions make your home ripe for tropical plants that may not survive outdoors where you live. Tropical plants come in all shapes and sizes and can be simple ones like fiddle head ferns or more elaborate ones.

Many people will keep an indoor plant that can produce fruit such as a dwarf citrus tree like a meyer lemon, calamodin, or a kaffir (persian lime). An coffee tree can also produce coffee beans once mature and can make due with limited light. Other herbs grow well in a window and can be productive and add to your kitchen and dining.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a plant that requires little care options like cactuses and other succulents can do well indoors and help to satisfy your need for gardening in colder months when you can’t get outdoors. Further, keeping some ferns, indoor trees all can accentuate your home and liven up your home.

Grow Lights

An gardener can get a head start on their spring planting by setting up some grow lights and getting ready for the next year. Start your vegetable garden early by planting seeds and watching them mature. While you can likely buy many different vegetables from your local garden center, you can get more varied options by going online and purchasing specialty seeds which can make for an interesting array of options. Heirloom tomatoes, unique herbs, and different arrays of peppers are just some of the unique seeds you can pick up and grow indoors as seeds. By the time they are ready to transplant you will have a leg up on the growing season and if you choose an option that produces all season long you can often get a better overall yield from your head start.

Beyond this, by starting early and transplanting later you can extend your growing season and get gardening with vegetables that have a long growing season, even if your immediate growing season in your climate is short. This can provide a much wider extent of options for your garden than you might otherwise be able to grow and make for a better and unique option for your garden.

Grow Kits

An gardener will have other options for cold months by setting up some integrated devices like an aerogarden which can help you grow a wide array of small herbs or vegetables. Herbs and salad mixes grow well in these devices and can make for an interesting option for your home garden needs.

Few gardeners, like Shalom Lamm, will look forward to the wintertime but the start of winter doesn’t mean that your garden efforts need to stop. Instead, you can help to reduce your anxiety with the start of the cold months and use the aforementioned steps to lighten the downtime and further enjoy the upcoming growing season.