Your Checklist for the Perfect ‘Man Cave’

Along with the ‘She Shed,’ the Man Cave has become something of a phenomenon. The concept of some private space in the home or constructed in the garden, adapted specifically to one person’s needs, is not new. However, the time, effort, and money invested in such a space has increased in recent times, along with their more widespread use.

With the increased focus on such areas, it would not be unusual to wonder what items would (space allowing, of course) make the perfect area of this type? With that in mind, here is a checklist of must have items that will make your man cave the envy of everyone you invite around.

72″ or larger TV Screen

With most man caves centered around sport, it should be a given that a TV to watch the game would be an absolute necessity. As you no doubt know, when it comes to TVs, the bigger, the better. Unless your man cave is enormous and you opt for a projector instead, a normal TV should do just fine. It will be ideal for movie night as well as plugging into the next item on the list.

State of the art gaming console

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Xbox or PlayStation type of guy; you’re going to want the most advanced console to play the newest games either online or with your guests. You might also want to invest in a couple of ‘old school’ consoles to play the games of your youth, but a word of warning, your 72″ screen will show up the flaws of those classic 20-year-old graphics.

Giant bean bags

You probably already realized that a couch is no longer good enough. For some quality chilling out, you’ll need somewhere you can truly spread out, and a big bean bag chair like the ones you will find here seems to be the preferred choice. Bean bag chairs are light (even the gigantic ones that can seat a family) and provide a comfortable nest from which to watch the game, movie, or put in some serious gaming hours.

Soda or Beer Fridge

OK, for most guys, that would mean a beer fridge, but you’re going to be using your man cave on a school night as well, so you’ll need the option to take it easy. You might think that a private bar would be on the perfect list, but with space at a premium now you’ve filled it up with TVs, consoles, and gigantic bean bags, you might only want a single beer fridge and upgrade later on.

Snack hoard

Man does not live by beer alone – there must also be snacks. So, you’ll need a place to store your snacks for game and movie night, with plenty of room because you know how hungry you get, as well as nervous eating when your team isn’t doing well. A word of warning, though, a snack hoard is prone to pilfering from other members of the family, so you might want to invest in a security measure or two.