5 Tips To Improving Your Pool Stance

5 Tips To Improving Your Pool Stance

Most pool players, whether beginners or professionals, will need to improve their stance when they’re ready to take their pool game to the next level. Improving your pool stance isn’t difficult if you know what to do and follow a few simple guidelines. These five tips will help you improve your pool stance.

The first and most important tip is to line your body up straight behind the cue ball. Simply bending forward at the waist and aiming for the cue ball won’t work. Since your shooting arm will be offset from your body, your aim will be off every time. To compensate, you’ll need to make sure your head is directly above your cue stick and that your line of sight flows directly from your eye down your arm and through the cue stick as if you’re aiming a gun.

The second tip for improving your pool stance is to make sure your body is the appropriate distance from the table and the cue ball. If you position yourself too close, you won’t have the proper perspective to line up your shot with the pocket or with another ball. If you’re too far away, your arm will be overextended, causing your accuracy to suffer.

Third, you’ll need to know where to place your feet. The correct foot placement will allow you to support and distribute your body weight while keeping your head level and your arm steady. Your right foot should be lined up with your shot and it should not ever move. Your left foot will be the one to move up or to the side, depending on how far down you need to bend or crouch to make your shot.

Our fourth tip for improving your pool stance is to be aware of your posture and balance. The professional pool players might make it look easy, but maintaining perfect posture and balancing your weight on the correct foot can make the difference between a shot that you make and one that you miss. While each person’s center of gravity will vary slightly, you’ll usually want to carry most of your weight on the right or dominant foot so that you can hold steady when you lean in to line up your shot.

Finally, the last tip to improve your pool stance is to have fun. Stay loose and limber. Worrying and stressing over making the perfect shot or maintaining the perfect stance will only add tension to your body. That tension will cause you to miss a shot far more often than a stance that’s slightly off-center.

Whether it’s your first game or your hundredth, there is always room for improvement. Improving your stance will require plenty of practice and dedication but it is all part of the game and you should always be challenging yourself to refine your technique and do better than you did the time before. You will potentially see immediate results if you keep these five tips in mind every time you step up to the pool table.