How to Display Challenge Coins

How to Display Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a contagious collection that begs to be displayed if for no other reason than to boost its breadth. William “Buffalo Bill” Quinn had the 17th Infantry Regiment’s challenge coins made sometime during the 1950s. Nowadays custom and unique challenge coins are a great way to commemorate special moments or achievements beside it is a great item for collections of historical coins. Part of the pride of obtaining a collection comes from how many of these coins are handed out, most often making the recipient special for having received them. The qualities and unique characteristics of challenge coins, in addition to the fact that each one is in your personal possession, deserve a proper mode of display. Here are some ideas on how to display your challenge coins:

The Coin Display Case

Display cases are the simplest solution as they typically encase your challenge coins in glass. This makes them visible both front and back if your case is presented on a pedestal. You can also get a display case that mounts on a wall.

With velvet lining the racks mounted inside the richly stained wooden framing, display cases make a regal presentation of your prized collection. There is usually a door you can open to easily access each coin for closer examination. If you are concerned, keep some white gloves handy to prevent the oils from viewers’ hands accumulating on your coins.

Slanted Top Coin Display

Often a collector prefers to have their prized coins on their desktop making them readily presentable as a conversation piece or even an ice breaker. The camaraderie engendered by challenge coins makes this type of display immediately interactive among guests and visitors to the office or the home.

The slanting top means you can place an entire collection on display where the intricate detail of each one can be easily viewed. Choice wood stock adds to your impressive presentation even if you choose to limit the selections to a precious few coins.

Multi-Tiered Pyramid or Rotating Oval Coin Display

Thinking outside the box, your coin display may make a pyramidal rise, or they may be placed in the round similar to the idea of a tiered cake.

Viewable all the way around, these types of displays go a step farther than the boxed case making them viewable from any angle. It is a fancier method of display than the square or rectangular case displays.

Coin Box with Sliding Slotted Display Top

You may want to house your coins in a box that also provides a sliding top fitted with slots to allow your coins to be placed on display. This type of presentation means you can be selective about which coins you present at any given time while keeping the collection together.

For example, if you know you are expecting a visit from a competing team or organization, yet you want to demonstrate that you indeed have their coins as part of your collection, you could showcase the significant selections upon their arrival.

Domed Coin Display

Another glass-encased display is the domed or bell jar design. This one allows you to present select pieces viewable from both front and back without being concerned that they are being handled.

If your collection is just growing or you have a desire to showcase coins that represent your crowning glory, this type of display is glamorous while demonstrating discriminating taste.

Some people like to carry their precious challenge coins on them everywhere they go. There is a reason for this, and it comes from the very name of the coin in the first place. For those who want to house their collection in a special way so that they can be easily displayed, there are endless ideas on just how to do this. Keep in mind, you do not need to limit yourself to one single method of display. Judge this on the size of your collection and make the decision that suits your preferences.