5 Ways To Make More Money With Your Convenience Store

Owning a convenience store means you’re working in an industry with razor thin margins.  The competition in the industry is fierce, and it’s always a good time to look for new ways to optimize the customer experience.  

Draw more people to your store by incorporating some tactics that have already worked for a very long time.  Take a moment to read through a few ways to boost traffic, and make more money with your convenience store this year.  

Optimize your signage

The best way to convince drivers to stop at your store as they pass is to have clear and bold signage.  Draw them in with the presentation of lower gas prices, great food/drink deals, and more.  

Once people arrive at your store, there should be evermore signage to display all your spot has to offer passing consumers.  Inside the store, the push should be even stronger.  Highlight snacks and treats that are most popular with the masses.  

Get an ATM machine 

Every convenience store needs a way for consumers to make a quick grab on some cash.  If someone comes in to withdraw cash from your ATM machine, you’ll get a portion of the transaction as profit.  

Customers who use the ATM will also have more cash in their pocket to spend while inside of your store, and most people who use the ATM do make other purchases.  It’s a win-win situation, really.  

Offer a loyalty program 

Adding a loyalty program to your plan to gain more customers is a good way to make your return business feel appreciated and valued.  Offer an initial sign-up incentive to draw in customers, and make sure everyone is aware of the program.  

Push clerks to mention the loyalty program to every customer.  Add your program to the many pieces of signage inside and outside of the store as well. 

Optimize the layout of your store

The physical layout of your convenience store is vital.  You probably already know the importance of your layout, but there may be a few things you don’t know about the process.  

For instance, you should take the time to rearrange the store on occasion.  If customers get too comfortable with the layout, they miss products they may enjoy.  Place some of the most popular items at the back of the store, so customers have plenty of time to see what your business has to offer.  

Guarantee variety in your products

Take the time to rotate the products you carry.  Take careful note to continue providing the most sought after products, but keep it interesting for those who like to change it up from time to time.