6 Crucial Reasons to Use Synthetic Motor Oil in Vehicles

6 Crucial Reasons to Use Synthetic Motor Oil in Vehicles

Synthetic motor oil has become a popular choice for vehicle owners who seek to increase their engine’s longevity. Many people are under the misconception that it is just another type of conventional motor oil, but there are several things that set synthetic oils apart from conventional ones.

1. Synthetic Oil Lubricates Better

Towards the end of a conventional oil’s life cycle, it will start to break down and lose some key properties that make it so effective at protecting your car or truck. It can still lubricate but not as well as when you first started using it in the vehicle. One reason for this is due to the heat in your engine. Conventional oils will break down and lose viscosity when exposed to high amounts of heat, whereas synthetic motor oil performs better under intense temperatures. By using a higher quality oil such as one that is synthesized, you can prevent this from happening and not have to worry about it breaking down as other types do over time.

2. Provides Better Protection

Motor oil isn’t just there to keep your engine running smoothly; it also helps protect all the other internal components from wear and tear. Conventional oils will start to lose their ability to do this as they age, but synthetic oils have been specifically designed to prevent this from happening. They provide a better barrier against friction and heat, meaning your engine will last longer and need less maintenance over its lifetime.

3. Reduced Chance of Engine Failure

One of the biggest dangers to an engine is overheating. When it gets too hot, the metals inside start to expand and can cause serious damage that may require a complete rebuild or replacement of the engine. Synthetic oils can dissipate heat much better than conventional oils, which means your car or truck is less likely to overheat and suffer from engine failure.

4. Gives the Vehicle a Longer Lifespan

Not only does synthetic oil keep your engine from deteriorating over time, but it also keeps the entire vehicle as a whole. Since it doesn’t break down like conventional oils do, you can expect to have a longer lifespan for all of the components that require motor oil, including gearboxes and differentials.

5. If You are a High-mileage Driver

High-mileage drivers put a lot of wear and tear on their engines, leading to problems down the road if not addressed. Conventional oils may not be able to keep up with the demands of a high-mileage engine, but synthetic oils are specifically designed for this purpose. They can help protect your vehicle from the damage that high mileage can cause over time.

6. Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer

One of the best things about synthetic oils is that they last much longer than conventional ones. You can go up to twice as long before needing to change your oil again, which means less time and money spent on maintenance.

If you are still using conventional motor oils in your car or truck, it’s time to switch over to a synthetic variety. They will provide better protection and a longer lifespan for your engine, which means you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs anytime soon.