6 Local Gift Ideas to Give to Your Wedding Reception Guests

6 Local Gift Ideas to Give to Your Wedding Reception Guests

The wedding reception is a time to share your love and joy with those closest to you. It is also the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude and appreciation for those who came from afar. That being said, presents at receptions can sometimes be tricky. The key to getting great presents while avoiding tacky ones is to keep it fun and straightforward. In this list of wedding reception gift ideas, you can find some great local presents to give your guests. Some are funny, some are traditional, and others are unique.

1. Local Seasonal Treats

A staple of most weddings and receptions is cake or some sweet treat. Whether going traditional or going with a theme, this will be one of the first things your guests see when they arrive at your reception. Why not make it a local treat? If you have a favorite bakery or even a local farmer’s market, you can ask them to bring anything from dessert to snacks.

2. Local Honey

Honey is a sweet treat that is very difficult to find outside of the state. It will be a great surprise for your guests, and you can also use it in many different food recipes. It is a unique gift idea since it will have an authentic feel.

3. Local Crafts

If you have local artists in your area or if there is a local arts & crafts store, you can find some great presents to give your wedding reception guests. They will be of value to your new spouse and be of great importance to the guests. Try getting something for each guest that represents the state and city.

4. Local Pottery

If you have a pottery store close to you, you can find some great and thoughtful presents for your guests. You can ask them to make small pieces of pottery that are local to your area. Make sure that they are dishwasher safe!

5. Local Wine/Beer

It is a pretty traditional wedding reception gift. If you live close to wine country or even in a city with breweries, you might find this an attractive gift. You can ask them to bring their favorite local wines/beers and package them nicely for your guests. However, be sure that the alcohol is consumed responsibly or keep it to yourself and that there are no potential problems with guests driving home after your wedding reception.

6. Local Plants

Plants are always a significant local presence. If you live in a city that has a green space or if you have a friend who is the owner of the greenest house on the block, they might be able to give you some plants from their yard. You can ask them to take pictures of their plants and make prints for your guests.

These are just a few local gift ideas for your wedding reception guests. Try to focus on what your spouse likes about where you live and tap into that. It’s a great way to show your guests one of the things that you love about where you live. Try local honey or pottery if you want to do something more traditional. Whatever gift idea you go with, make sure it is fun and memorable!