A Handy Checklist for After You’ve Moved into a New Home

There are many things to do in preparation for moving into a new home, but what about after you’ve moved into your new property? There may be some things you can only do once you’re officially in, or maybe double checks you’d like to make to ensure you have absolutely everything on the move list covered. Here’s a handy checklist for things to think about once you’re on your property, so you can get everything sorted and relax as soon as possible.

Check 1: Divert Mail to Your New Address

You don’t want to divert your mail too soon while you’re still living in an old address, so make sure this is done as soon as you move into your property or arrange for a commencement date for the diversion to be your move-in date. This will make sure that any mail you might have missed changing your address officially with will still end up at your new correct address.

Check 2: Find Your Nearest Store

Food and drink supplies are essential for a big move, and it’s something you’re going to need as soon as you get those keys. Knowing where your nearest store is based (and how to get there) is important so that you can rest easy knowing you know exactly where to go for your groceries that first day of moving in.

Check 3: Make Sure You Know Where the Nearest Vet Clinic is for Any Pets

You might want to do your research into the best vet for your pet in your new local area, and maybe a busy move has left you without time to do it just yet. It’s important to at least find where your nearest emergency vet clinic near me is, just in case you need urgent assistance before you get your pet officially registered. Searching for a vet you’re happy with to get registered as soon as possible should always be a top priority.

Check 4: Take a Sweep of Your New Property

You’ll naturally have already seen your property during initial viewings and with feedback from a home survey, but it’s always a good idea to have a quick look around the empty rooms before you put any of your belongings away. This will enable you to double-check if anything has changed since you last visited or any areas of concern that were maybe covered by furniture belonging to the previous residents. This could be conditions of walls, floors, or anything that might need a deep clean before you settle in.

Check 5: Check the Condition of your Belongings as Soon as Possible

Once the movers have deposited all your items in your new home, be sure to check everything over as soon as you can. This will enable you to spot any damage or other issues as soon as possible so that you can raise a query with the movers straight away if anything has been compromised or if anything is missing.