Xiaomi Breaks Sales Records in India

Xiaomi, the Chinese maker of handsets, announced this weekend a bold new initiative in breaking its own sales records by moving over five million handset devices during the Diwali/Holiday season in India. The sales included, but were not limited to, televisions, earphones, Mi band mobiles, power banks, Mi Ecosystem apps, smartphones, and a host of miniature security cameras. And this doesn’t even include the millions of accessory devices that were purchased from Mi.com and Xiaomi’s partners Flipkart and Amazon.

Xiaomi sent out a press release prior to announcing the sales figures, saying, in part, that it credits the astute marketing practices of its advertising consortium in India for handling the Diwali/Holiday marketing strategy so adroitly. Despite some trade and tariff differences between the countries of China and India, technology advances in both countries are now being shared in an unprecedented manner — moving the two countries closer together than ever before, technologically speaking.

The company is also claiming stellar world-class sales for its Redmi Note 7 smartphone leading the pack with nearly eight million units from Flipkart purchased in the Indian market alone. Xiaomi is also boasting about its record-breaking sales of Amazon brand smartphones during the same time period.