ARM Holdings May Be On The Block Again by 2023.

SoftBank Group has announced that their semiconductor business sector, known as ARM Holdings, will be placed back on public markets in the next three years. This is according to ARM Holdings’ CEO Simon Segars. While hosting their annual client conference out in San Jose, CA, Segars suggested to reporters that his company, while eager to get back into public offerings, is not going to rush things. He hopes to have all his ducks in a row in the next three years, but would not be any more specific than that. Rumors in the financial world are that SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son is prodding Segars to open up ARM Holdings for a public offering as soon as possible — needing the influx of assured cash to finance several projects with top technology brands throughout the world.

The telecommunications giant, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as among the largest telecommunications companies in Asia, was able to buy the formerly British firm of chip manufacturing for a cool thirty-two billion dollars four years ago. Since then, SoftBank has been working on ways to re-list ARM Holdings for a quick resale bonus. But Segar has not been as quick to pick up on this corporate mandate as some think he could be.