New Amazon Fire 10 HD Tablets Make Their Debut in North America.

Earlier this week, Amazon announced the launching of its brand new Fire 10 HD tablet, featuring an improved ergonomic design and even more advanced apps and algorithms. Along with this major announcement, the company is planning to unveil their newly minted e-reader for kids, the Kindle Kids Edition, as well as the HD Fire 10 Childs Tablet edition. These devices from Amazon will be available in time for Holiday pre-orders in the United States. The release date for Southeast Asia, including India, has not yet been announced.

The amazing Fire 10 HD tablet now features a widescreen that tips the scales at over 10 inches of full display. It also includes an expanded octa-core processor at 2GHz, as well as inbuilt storage that exceeds 32GB and can easily be expanded to around 512GB with microsSD. And that’s not all. Battery life has been improved until it now offers twelve full hours of mixed use no matter where you are. The charger is an updated type C USB charging unit that fits almost every port on standard issue tablets. 

The tablets also have picture-on-picture support. There is an app for Alexa. The new tablets will also feature popular Amazon apps such as Family Library, Blue Shade, and Second Screen.

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