Attention Moms! How to Improve Your Physique During and After Coronavirus

A Good Painkiller For Athletes?

Moms are already tasked with a variety of additional work
during Coronavirus. Not only are mothers doing their regular parenting but they
have also taken over teaching duties in many states. For those that are working
from home, this just adds more work to your plate. There is some extra time
though due to not having to take the kids to practices or commute to work. Now
is the perfect time to start improving your physique from home utilizing a
variety of methods. Below are tips to improve your physique utilizing different
methods during the era of COVID-19 and beyond. 

Put a Focus on Nutrition

The extra time at home can be used to cook incredible meals
that not only taste great but are also nutritious. Opting for frozen pizza out
of convenience is not going to help you achieve the goals you have set for your
physique. The entire family can become healthier especially if you shoulder a
majority of cooking duties in the home. Choosing to drink black coffee instead
of soda or energy drinks can be a great first step. Moms need their caffeine and can get it from black
coffee without excess calories. 

Getting food delivered can be an option and will help
locally owned businesses stay afloat. Avoid unhealthy options as nearly all
restaurants have healthier options on the menu. You can support the local
economy while eating in a healthy manner. Take these eating habits into the
future as this can be the perfect opportunity to change your diet

Exercise at Home or in Your Neighborhood

Going to the gym is simply not an option at this juncture
due to the effort to flatten the curve. Going outside to exercise might not be
your favorite option if you live in a warmer climate. You can complete workouts
from the comfort of home with a few dumbbells or simply by using your
bodyweight. Below are examples of how you can get into shape from home or in
your neighborhood:

· Relay races with the family can be a great way to stay
active. You can even compete against other neighborhood families while
maintaining social distancing. 

· Going out for a run or using a treadmill at home are
traditional ways that mothers stay in shape. Keep in mind that running on
pavement is high-impact so don’t overdo it as it can result in shin injuries or
extremely shore joints. 

· Try out some form of interval or circuit training where
you target the entire body. Try a 1 minute of activity and 30 seconds of rest.
You can complete going through a series of squats, push-ups, crunches, leg
lifts, and any other exercise you want to add. The goal is to keep your heart
rate at a decently high level for an extended period.

· Using a weighted vest when going for a walk is a perfect
way to get your heart rate up without the issues that running on pavement

After Coronavirus

After the Coronavirus pandemic is over there will be more elective procedures allowed. These have been banned in
a variety of states as only procedures that are necessary are allowed to help
flatten the curve. As a mom, you understand how having children impacts your
body long-term. There are certain areas that you simply cannot exercise like
that of excess skin that might require the help of a board-certified plastic
surgeon. The Mommy Makeover has seen an increase in popularity
across the country in recent years. This can include breast
, tummy tucks, liposuction, and much more. Whether you are in
Raleigh or Austin, this type of makeover can allow you to feel like yourself

Staying in shape during this pandemic can be a challenge but
dedicating extra time you have to exercise/nutrition will make a difference.
Besides, there are only so many Netflix series that you can binge-watch before
going stir crazy.