Best Ways to Practice Sanitation with Kids

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Getting children in the habit of constantly sanitizing is critical during this pandemic. With the virus still spreading it could be detrimental to a family if someone got sick. This is why moms like Rachel Harow have taught their children tips on how to be proactive with sanitizing their hands. 

Wearing a mask is already a very new concept for children. They are much less likely to understand the repercussions that can come with not wearing them. In addition, some might get allergic reactions or rashes from the cloth material. That being said, sanitizing is something everyone can do regardless of the pandemic or not. Purchasing mini hand sanitizers for children is the first step to keeping them clean. Children love to customize their own things, so having a craft day can really encourage them to use it. Spray sanitizers are also customizable and might be more “fun” for children to use. Letting children pick out their own scent of the soap is also helpful with sanitization practices. Overall, Rachel Harow uses these techniques to keep her kids safe and happy.