Google Pay to Offer New Payment Options

Google Pay has continued to show advanced revenue/customer increase this past year in India, to the tune of over sixty-seven million active users. This, of course, is driving their transactions up over 110 billion dollars (US.) But now tech and finance experts say that revenue stream is only going to get broader and deeper with introduction of their new Spot Platform. It was announced in New Delhi last week that this innovative platform is customized for bringing online technology and efficiency to offline merchandising. This will be done by helping merchants provide better brand choices online than has been possible in the past throughout the subcontinent. Adding to the expected increase in sales and profits for merchants and Google alike will be the introduction of Google Pay token cards for credit card holders and debit card holders. 

It is expected that the new Spot Platform will allow merchants to offer Spot Codes so customers can make immediate cashless payments with a single scan at the register, without having to go online for any prior adjustments.

An exciting feature of the new Google Spot Code is that it will allow new customers to open up new accounts with new merchants anywhere in the Indian subcontinent, not only in-person but long distance as well.